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  PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES FOR SENIORS +40 Boudoir photography is about undressing the soul without undressing the body. Normally boudoir sessions are a special gift for someone, but they are also for yourself because in them you will discover how truly sensual you can be. INCLUDES PORTRAIT WORKSHOPS Boudoir does NOT mean undressing for the camera. The game of seduction, imagination, and insinuation make photography gain strength. It is imperative that there is an honest and pure approach to the person we are photographing. This style is not to please men, but the woman in front of the lens. Elegant photographs that we can proudly display in our surroundings. INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Intermediate level If you want to get the most out of your photos and work professionally without having a photo studio, in this course you can learn the most advanced options for using handheld flash in just one month or so. Cursos de fotografía Bogotá CURSOS DE FOTOGRAFÍA PARA MAYORES +40 Cur